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I know it doesn't look like much but hopefully one day it will all come back together and be an awesome car.  Its a 1965 Mustang Fastback, Rangoon Red (aren't all mustang red?), originally a 6 cylinder engine and 4 speed manual transmission.  I found the car sitting in a field in Idaho where it had been dormant since 1985.  The owner had refused to sell the car for many years and was still reluctant when I contacted him.  It took about three weeks of gentle negotiations before he finally decided to part with the car.  His father had purchased the car new in 65 and given it to the son later when he went to college. 


This is how I found the ol' girl

His brother told me that he had at least 250 people stop over the years and ask about the car.  They were all told "No, its not for sale".  I guess I was just lucky and showed up at the right time.  I will be doing a slightly modified restoration on it.